When should I start looking for a place?

We can start the process of finding your next place anytime. If you are looking 12 months or more in advance, we can show you the different unit styles and selections that might fit your needs well in advance. If you have immediate moving needs, please contact us as soon as possible so we can have your unit rent ready.

What are the leasing office hours?

All leasing is operated at our flagship office:

Hyde Park Places – Main Office
5540 S. Hyde Park Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60637
Monday through Friday – 10am to 6pm CST
Saturday & Sunday – 10am to 6pm CST

How do I schedule a tour in person?
  1. Call our friendly leasing staff at 312.239.8039.
  2. Email info@hydeparkplaces.com.
  3. Fill out any contact us form on HydeParkPlaces.com.

We have found that it is incredibly helpful to view our web properties before or during the call, to get a visual sense of the unit styles we offer. Some have kitchens in the units, some have shared bathrooms. None of the buildings allow pets, sorry.


How do I apply?

Visit the property of your choice:


  1. Click the “Apply Now Button” on the homepage
  2. Search for the unit for which you would like to apply
  3. Click Apply Now
    Here are the steps in the application:
  1. Your contact info
  2. Where you’ve lived
  3. Personal information
  4. Your income (Active students are welcome to apply, just record how the rent will be paid)
  5. Additional Questions
  6. Attach documents (Proof of income, or Student ID)
  7. Pay application fee – $50
  8. Review and confirm
  • We’ll have a response to your application in 24 hours.
I am currently out-of-state, how can I view the apartment?

No worries, we have virtual tours and a staff that are ready to get you all the possible information to make a transition to Hyde Park a convenient and friendly endeavor.

How much is the security deposit?

Hyde Park Places does not require a security deposit.

What is the total cost of moving into Hyde Park Places?

Here is the total cost of moving into Hyde Park Places:

For example, if the unit is $660 per month, and you are moving in on the 9/1/16:

Application Fee: $50
Administration Fee: $250
1st month’s rent: $ 660
(All paid in full before the move-in date)
The total cost would be $960 to move in.

Do the apartments come furnished?

Yes, all units have the option of these furnishings at no additional cost:

  • 1 Bed Frame: 38” x 86”
  • 1 Mattress: 36” x 80” XL twin
  • 1 desk (24” x 42”)
  • 1 desk chair
  • Carpet
  • Dresser with 3-4 drawers
  • Movable bookshelf
  • Closet with shelf and hanging rod
  • Mini-Fridge
  • Microwave
FAQ – About the room:
– Do you confirm the existence of a microwave oven and a mini-fridge in the room?
– Does the studio include bedding (pillows, sheets, etc)?
While we don’t provide bedding, Amazon can ship to the building ahead of time.
– Does the studio include towels?
We do not.
– Does it include any kind of cleaning service?
It does not.
– Does it have any cleaning tools and detergents included?
We do not, around the corner Cornell Dollar has all of the above items.
What are my transportation options?

The 2, 6, 15, 28, 55, 171, 172 and 192 CTA bus lines are within a 7-minute walk.  The Metra Electric line is a 4-minute walk.
PLease also see this University of Chicago real-time map of CTA bus lines and UGo shuttles.

How do I access the Internet?

Upon move-in, our residents are provided with a username & password to access the 5G wi-fi network in the building.  A resident can also plug their ethernet cord into the designated wall outlet, containing a CAT5 port.

Please refer to our support page to view instructions for accessing the network.